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About Dal

Dal Dhaliwal is a health and well-being expert,  TV and radio presenter and a professional speaker. She is also one of the first Asian women to launch a fitness studio and gym in the UK, and has been working in the wellness industry since 1998. She is a highly respected Women’s health and well-being expert. Her popular coaching programmes have helped women globally to get in the best shape of their lives, to feel good, gain confidence, build on self-esteem and be the best possible version of themselves.

Dal prides herself on being a real people person and delivering excellence. Her popularity and influence on social media combined with a respected reputation to deliver excellence, has lead on to many opportunities and collaborations. She consults for some of UK’s leading businesses and presents at events and conventions within the wellness and business arena.  


Dal has appeared in numerous publications and media for her expertise in Health and Well-being. Through her various media and press appointments her focus and purpose is to create awareness for Health and well-being and to encourage and educate people on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. She continues to share her strategies to overcome obstacles and develop a positive mental attitude – and methods on how everyone can follow a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise, correct nutrition and well-being.   

Dal is the host and founder of Dal TV, the Special Advisor on Physical Activity for Sporting Equals, Ambassador for Asian Women of Achievement, The Asian Sports Foundation Ambassador and panel expert and was the finalist for The Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2017, Woman who inspires & Entrepreneur at The Woman Who Awards 2016 and Business Woman 2015 at The British Indian Awards. 


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