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Here are some of the valuable life lessons I have learnt..

💙 Trust your gut instinct and inner voice. Have you ever been in a situation where you just ‘felt’ something was wrong or felt right? A strong feeling, an internal force and voice guiding you? Well that is your gut instinct or better referred to as gut feeling. Often coupled with our inner voice. Trust them both. Throughout my life I have found that my gut feeling or that ‘tiny’ inner voice is very rarely wrong.

💙 Don’t get caught up in perfection. I was once a perfectionist and it has stolen me of time and happiness. I have learnt perfect is not possible and can not be reached. Be good at what you do and get better at it. Rather, strive for continuous improvement and excellence. Your best is good enough.

“Have no fear of perfection-you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali

💙 It’s okay to not be okay. I am human and just like everyone else some of my days are darker than others. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. I am a problem solver, a friend who you can speak to and often has the right answers to make everything okay – so sharing my my own problems, struggles and pain with others has always been difficult. But as I get older, I am learning to be kind to myself. I reach out if I feel I am struggling or need a shoulder to cry on. It’s okay to not be okay.

💙 Accept people are not always what they seem. This is one of the toughest lessons I have learnt. Accept that you will come across people in life that will let you down. Some will hurt or disrespect you and may try to use you to their own advantage. People will come and go in your life. Don’t let hate or pain consume you. The most important thing to remember is that each individual has a lesson to teach you. You will grow stronger and wiser from all the good, bad and ugly experiences. Lessons will be learnt. Let go of everything and everyone who steals your smiles and happiness.

💙 Switch off from technology and reconnect with life. Technology is great and I love it. However, in today’s fast pace digital life we can become ‘hooked’ ‘addicted’ to being online. Schedule time to ‘unplug’ and ‘detox from social media and being online. Enjoy quality time with friends and family. Sit and read a ‘real’ book (with pages) or get outside in nature. Take a walk, observe and enjoy your surroundings – or simply enjoy stillness and the beautiful sound of silence. Enjoy experiences offline and make memories that you can cherish.

💙 Time is precious so use it wisely. Time is the one thing you do not have control over. There is no way to wind it back or move it forward, so it is important you spend it wisely. Live in the now. Enjoy and cherish every second. It’s okay to be selfish with your time. Remember once it’s gone it’s gone!

“Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time” – Rich Warren

💙 Make time for laughter and fun. This is important one for me. If you have met me then you will know that I enjoy a good laugh. Humour and fun is important to me. So ask yourself this question; when was the last time you enjoyed a good laugh?….and I mean a real full belly laugh? Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. 🙂

💙 Forgive others. Life is short. Forgiveness is not always easy but it is important to learn how to forgive. Forgiving doesn’t mean you will no longer experience the pain of what happened. Often the pain will still be there. The most important thing to remember is that when you do not forgive others you are actually hurting yourself – you are giving them control over your joy, happiness and peace of mind. Forgiveness is NOT for the other person, forgiveness is for YOU!

“Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die” – Marianne Williamson

💙 Tell your family you love them. There is not a single day that passes by without me telling my family I love them. A loving family is a blessing. Never take them for granted. Spend quality time with them and always be present in the moments you spend with them. Life is precious and each moment is a gift.

💙 Give gratitude daily. It is human nature to focus on what we don’t have in life rather than all we do have. Focus on giving gratitude everyday. Keep a journal and write down all the things you are grateful for. Start and end you day this way. This will change your outlook on life and give you a more positive state of mind. Be grateful for the small things in life because often these are the big things.

What are the most important life lessons you have learnt?

Thanks for reading!

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In this article I discuss how to use video effectively to promote and build your Personal Training and Fitness Business.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and video content marketing is on the rise. Video can help you attract more clients and grow your group exercise and personal training business. People spend a lot of time watching videos.

Video can create stronger emotional connections, increase engagement and capture attention more quickly than any other traditional content medium. To get started you do not need any fancy equipment. I recommend you use your smart phone camera and natural daylight. Before you film your first video it is essential you have a video content strategy in place. 

Here are my top Tips to get started with Video on YouTube

Channel Name:
If you are a Personal Trainer or group exercise Instructor and have a very specific niche then your channel name should reflect this. It should be clear what your business and brand is. However, if you plan to share content on a variety of topics and subjects such as vlogs or maybe fashion reviews, make-up tutorials etc than I highly recommend you to use your own name for your channel. Having the channel under your name gives you more flexibility if you plan to grow your business and brand.

You want to make a good first impression when someone visits your YouTube channel so they are compelled to subscribe. Your channel header should include your fitness business logo and a brief description of what video content you will be sharing, how often and when. Add your website and social media links and fill in a short description in the ‘About’ section on your YouTube channel. Be sure to include a short video intro-trailer of what your channel is about. Create your brand custom thumbnails that help you stand out. Brand consistency is important, so use a great avatar photo and keep this consistent with all your other social media platforms. To create designs I recommend the design tool Canva [

Content Creation:
Create video content that servers and offers value to your clients and audience. Research what questions you get asked a lot and answer these in your videos. I recommend creating shorter videos to start off with. You want visitors to watch your video to the end so I recommend you create videos that are 3- 6 minutes. NOTE: YouTube favours watch time and engagement for ranking your videos. Therefore, you want your audience to watch all your video. Research your keywords and tags to optimise your content. I recommend the free browser extension tool TubeBuddy []

Promote Your Content: 
Content distribution is key to get your videos seen. Promote your videos on your social media platforms. Share your videos thumbnails and short video trailers in your blog, newsletter and to your email list. Be consistent with this, as this will help to grow your channel and build an audience on YouTube. Engagement is also important, so be sure to reply back to comments and questions. Engagement will help build relationships and the know, like and trust factor. This will help to grow your channel. You can schedule and automate your YouTube videos and posts on social media using a social media management platform tool such as Hootsuite [

Here are 10 ideas for video content:  

► Tutorials. 

► Vlogs.

► Client testimonials.

► Exercise demos and insights.

► Collaborations.

► Interviews. 

► Product reviews.

► Motivational videos.

► Recipes / nutrition advice.

► Industry news and trends. 

Video is a great way to grow your fitness business and brand and also help to increase more organic traffic to your website. Therefore, it makes sense not to ignore video as part of your content marketing plan.

Thanks for reading!

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Social media is all about being ‘social’ yet many people struggle with how to engage on social media and online. Engagement on social media is crucial to build an audience, grow your brand or reach customers, clients and prospects. Here are 5 tips on how to engage on social media. 

Be Authentic :
Having a personality and being authentic online is important. Do not be fake. People relate to people. Create content that is unique content for you and your brand. Rather than just retweeting from other websites share your opinions; i.e on articles, what’s current or in you Industry.

Build Relationships :
Interacting, building relationships with others online is a great way to gain attention for your brand or product. Search for people who are engaging with you and your brand. Be sure to respond to others – by tweeting back or messaging back. It is also important to respond back to all bad and negative engagement too – if related to your brand and products.    

Promote Content :
Promote content that is not just about your products or making sales. Share blogs and content on social media that is appealing to others, where you are helping others with problems and offering solutions.

Be Consistent : Consistency is important to build audience engagement on social media. Schedule posts when you can’t post i.e after hours when you finish work. Use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite. Keep track of the engagement to see what works at what times.  


Create Competitions, Giveaways, Polls and Discounts : Creating polls, competitions will create engagement and can help to build an audience and reach more costumers. i.e Asking people to retweet a post or tag a friend in an Instagram post, as part of a give- a- way will reach a wider audience. 

Never Spam : It is really crucial you do not spam on social media. Do not be repetitive with posting same content over and over again. Also do not spam others inboxes. It is not cool – and will turn people off! If you are unsure check the terms & conditions and rules of each social media platform.  

Watch my video  to learn more >> #DalTV <<

Thanks for reading!

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We all know that social media is great for business, to build a brand, connect with friends and to follow the things and people we are interested in. However, we also know that social media has a negative side. If you are trying to grow a personal brand, online, you will come across some people who will attack you and may even troll you. We often refer to these people as haters. Below are some tips on how to cope with negative comments and haters.

Here are my 3 Tips on how you to deal With Haters

(1) Do Not Take It Personally:
Just because someone does not agree with you, or doesn’t like the way you do things or like the things you put out doesn’t make them a hater. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If they attack you online personally the best action to take is to ignore them and delete the comment. Do not react to them. 

(2) Be Okay With The Fact That They Don’t Like You: 
Someone may not like what you produce, they may disagree with you, maybe they criticise your style. It’s not that big of a deal what someone thinks of you unless you focus on it. Do not focus on the negativity.


(3) Create Focus That Serves You:

By focusing on something that can’t change you are depleting yourself of valuable energy, time and the opportunity to be your true self. If you are trying to make everyone else happy the only thing you will succeed at is making yourself miserable. It is an impossible task.  

BONUS TIP: Focus On The People Who Love You: 

Always remind yourself that there are plenty of people who love you. If you want to live a life of purpose and share your message, then be confident and continue to share your passion and your message. Always come from a place of confidence and self believe. 

Here are my 3 Tips on how you to deal With Haters: Watch the video “HERE” 


Thanks for reading and watching! 

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