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My life. My Rules.

My 8 Rules that stay fixed in my head at all times – in business and Life.  I do have more, but these are just some of the ones I wanted to share today:

(1) Accept not everyone wants to see YOU be successful.

(2) Don’t be distracted by criticism. Keep going!

(3) Learn to embrace risk. Believe in YOURSELF.

(4) Learn from and surround yourself with people who are where YOU want to be (see number 5)

(5) Invest in a Mentor / Coach and learn from the best in your industry. (see number 4)

(6) Do not talk ‘bad’ of your competitors. It’s not smart and is unprofessional.

(7) Change your mindset: be positive. Stay out of fear and stay in faith.

(8) Always stay humble and real. Stay true to yourself!

What are your rules in business and life?

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Dal Dhaliwal is a health and wellbeing expert, educator and special advisor on physical activity. She is also an active professional speaker and TV/ radio presenter. Dal helps entrepreneurs and professionals with their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She consults and presents for some of the UK's leading businesses and organisations within the wellness, sports and business arena.