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How To Use Video To Build Your Personal Training & Fitness Business

In this article I discuss how to use video effectively to promote and build your Personal Training and Fitness Business.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and video content marketing is on the rise. Video can help you attract more clients and grow your group exercise and personal training business. People spend a lot of time watching videos.

Video can create stronger emotional connections, increase engagement and capture attention more quickly than any other traditional content medium. To get started you do not need any fancy equipment. I recommend you use your smart phone camera and natural daylight. Before you film your first video it is essential you have a video content strategy in place. 

Here are my top Tips to get started with Video on YouTube

Channel Name:
If you are a Personal Trainer or group exercise Instructor and have a very specific niche then your channel name should reflect this. It should be clear what your business and brand is. However, if you plan to share content on a variety of topics and subjects such as vlogs or maybe fashion reviews, make-up tutorials etc than I highly recommend you to use your own name for your channel. Having the channel under your name gives you more flexibility if you plan to grow your business and brand.

You want to make a good first impression when someone visits your YouTube channel so they are compelled to subscribe. Your channel header should include your fitness business logo and a brief description of what video content you will be sharing, how often and when. Add your website and social media links and fill in a short description in the ‘About’ section on your YouTube channel. Be sure to include a short video intro-trailer of what your channel is about. Create your brand custom thumbnails that help you stand out. Brand consistency is important, so use a great avatar photo and keep this consistent with all your other social media platforms. To create designs I recommend the design tool Canva [

Content Creation:
Create video content that servers and offers value to your clients and audience. Research what questions you get asked a lot and answer these in your videos. I recommend creating shorter videos to start off with. You want visitors to watch your video to the end so I recommend you create videos that are 3- 6 minutes. NOTE: YouTube favours watch time and engagement for ranking your videos. Therefore, you want your audience to watch all your video. Research your keywords and tags to optimise your content. I recommend the free browser extension tool TubeBuddy []

Promote Your Content: 
Content distribution is key to get your videos seen. Promote your videos on your social media platforms. Share your videos thumbnails and short video trailers in your blog, newsletter and to your email list. Be consistent with this, as this will help to grow your channel and build an audience on YouTube. Engagement is also important, so be sure to reply back to comments and questions. Engagement will help build relationships and the know, like and trust factor. This will help to grow your channel. You can schedule and automate your YouTube videos and posts on social media using a social media management platform tool such as Hootsuite [

Here are 10 ideas for video content:  

► Tutorials. 

► Vlogs.

► Client testimonials.

► Exercise demos and insights.

► Collaborations.

► Interviews. 

► Product reviews.

► Motivational videos.

► Recipes / nutrition advice.

► Industry news and trends. 

Video is a great way to grow your fitness business and brand and also help to increase more organic traffic to your website. Therefore, it makes sense not to ignore video as part of your content marketing plan.

Thanks for reading!

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