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How To Stop Feeling Tired

Are you getting enough sleep but still feeling constantly tired, fatigued and low of energy? Do you wonder why you struggle with tiredness and low energy? There could be many reasons for this. In this article I cover a few of the reasons why you maybe feeling tired and low of energy.

Check you Iron levels:
Low Iron can be common in pregnant women and women on their periods. Low iron levels can also be common in Vegans, or those who follow predominately a salad based diet. Raising your iron levels takes time for proper absorption, but you can do so by consuming red meat, liver or poultry and if you are a vegan or vegetarian by consuming spinach, tofu, seeds and lentils – which are good plant sources.  

Be sure to consume enough Calories:
Tiredness can also be due to not consuming enough calories from your diet. If you are following a strict diet that is low in calories and nutrients your energy levels can suffer and you may feel more tired and fatigued. Remember, calories are needed by our body systems to burn and convert into energy. They help our bodies to function sufficiently throughout the day.

Drink more Water:
You may always feel tired because you could be dehydrated. Water increases energy and helps to relieve fatigue. It helps to transport oxygen and essential nutrients to your cells in the body, keeping your energy levels boosted. Approximately 85 percent of your brain tissue is water and therefore water intake is essential for our general wellbeing.

Switch off your Phone and Computer!
Most of us use our phones and computers on a daily basis. Studies show that our brains perceive the light and radiation they emit similarly to sunlight – thus, your brain might think you are still awake when you are not and your sleep mechanisms will not be able to work efficiently. If you are an avid phone user and often wake up feeling tired then switch off the phone at least thirty minutes or one hour before you sleep. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your heart, weight, mind and more!

Avoid consuming Energy Drinks:
Many people resort to consuming energy drinks to counteract the lack of energy they feel throughout the day. These drinks often provide an energy boost quickly, but a few hours after consumption you may experience an ‘energy crash’. This is due to the high sugar and caffeine these drinks contain. Instead of reaching for energy drinks try smoothies and teas instead – which provide more slow releasing and stable energy throughout the day.

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