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How to do a Digtial Media Detox

Most of us rely on our smart phones and research shows we spend an average of 7 to 8 hours daily on our phones, technology and digital devices. Over usage can lead to some of us feeling exhausted or struggling with burnout.

I highly recommend everyone takes time out to unplug from digital media. A great place to start with a digital media detox is to ‘unplug’ for a day or two every week. Keep a journal on what you accomplish that day; make a note on how your feel, your mood, energy, sleep and productivity levels.

Disconnect from social media and win back time, communication, relationships and control. Reconnect with life! In this article I share some of my tips on how you can do a digital media detox.

Do Not Check In:
When you wake up in the morning do not check your phone for the first hour. So that means no emails, no texts, no social media or even your voice mail. Do not let your smart phone control your morning. Use the first hour to set goals for the day, or try meditation or workout. This does take great discipline and self control but will become a habit over time. I urge you to try it as this one habit has changed my life. It is very powerful! 

Switch Off:
As mentioned above, I recommend not checking your smart phone a hour on awakening, I also highly recommend you do not check your phone a hour before you go to sleep. Exposure to digital devices to close to bedtime can often effect the quality of our sleep.

Do not look at social media and waste your time endlessly and mindlessly scrolling. Instead have a sleep ritual or routine in place; read a book, or have a warm bath, meditate etc. Do anything that does not involve checking a digital device, technology or viewing a digital screen.   

On your selected digital detox day/s be sure to set up an email autoresponder, so you can let people know you are unable to reply back and will get back to them soon – but do not commit on replying back straight away. The other option is to direct your email to someone else you trust and can take responsibility on your behalf.

You can also schedule and plan your social media posts using a scheduling tool. There are lots of great autoresponder tools available. Scheduling and planning in advance will keep all your social media platforms active while you take time out on your digital media detox.

“There is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but I promise you’ll find a better connection.”

Reconnect with Life:
This is really important for our wellbeing. Spend time reading a ‘real’ book or go to a coffee shop, catch up with conversations with your friends and family – offline. When you go to a restaurant or at meal time put your smart phone out of reach and do not look at your phone. Engage in conversations and be present in the moment.

Do something to reconnect with the world. Go for walks, be one with nature, enjoy your surroundings and lose yourself in your thoughts and imagination. It is essential to take a break from digital media and give yourself an opportunity to reconnect with life.

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I would love to know how you get on with your digital media detox or if you are planning to ‘unplug’ soon! Please feel free to comment below.

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