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How To Be A Better Leader

Leadership skills are important if you are managing a team, running a business or even teaching a class. Some people are born leaders and have a way of inspiring, motivating and leading others. For most leadership is not a natural trait and are not born leaders. However, these skills can be developed, learned and practiced. The most crucial thing is that you are passionate, driven and willing to work at it.

So how can you become a great leader and win the trust and respect of your team? Here are some of my tips on how to become a better leader today:

Act like a leader: Be respectful with everyone you meet. Be confident, self-assured and speak to others as you want to be spoken to and remember to listen. Staff want to look up to their leader so it is important that you, as a leader must set out the desired tone, values and culture from the start.  

Manage your Emotions: 
Emotions are really important and have a direct link to your energy. So what does that mean? Well, if you as a leader are at an emotional low then your energy is low. If you are running high, you feel positive and optimistic. To be at your best as a leader learn to manage your emotions.

Develop your skills: If you do not have the skills to lead, no title or position will ever make you into the leader you want to be. There is only one way to become a better leader and that is to work on your leadership skills. Develop expertise in your field, and discover the heart of what leadership is about for you.

Become a great Communicator: 
A great leader is always a skilled communicator, not only as a speaker but also a listener. Discipline yourself to understand what is happening around you by observing, focusing and listening.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” ― Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Be Decisive: Being indecisive can undermine confidence and trust. Leaders must lead, take a chance and make a decision based on the facts to hand. This is the core skill of any successful leader. Playing it safe is never a good business rule and leaders must make sure their business stays ahead by acting quickly on new ideas, innovations and taking risks.

Invest in People: A huge element of great leadership is knowing how to connect with the right kind of people and learning how to spot talent. To be a great leader you also need to start at the heart of what matters in your organisation – and what matters is your people. If you want to see them happy, engaged, loyal and dedicated make the time to invest in them, nurture them and provide them with a clear vision of what needs to be done.

Be a Mentor: One of the roles of a leader is to mentor your team and guide and support them, not preach to them or boss them.  People are interested in growth and development and they want to know how they can do better, grow and find their own path. Be sure to give credit and praise openly where it is due. Let others know when the work is well done, a job is completed with excellence and the results are great. 

Have Fun: 
Business may be serious, but the best leaders know how to build excitement and fun. They are great at creating an optimistic culture and an enthusiastic environment. They know fun is important when people are working hard. Be passionate, enthusiastic and proud – practice what you preach.

People spend a large part of their lives at work and having a leader who is genuinely excited about the future of the company is hugely motivating and extremely inspiring.

Thank you for reading!

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Dal Dhaliwal is a health and wellbeing expert, educator and special advisor on physical activity. She is also an active professional speaker and TV/ radio presenter. Dal helps entrepreneurs and professionals with their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She consults and presents for some of the UK's leading businesses and organisations within the wellness, sports and business arena.