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If you have been following me on my various social media platforms or reading my blogs then you will also know I am artist and have a passion for art and sculpture.

Yes, I am that individual who sits for endless hours in an art gallery or exhibition enjoying a piece of art or sculpture. Observing and enjoying allowing myself to get lost in my imagination..

Fixed in a trance like state, my thoughts lost amongst the beautiful hues, tones, textures and more…completely immersed.

I am indeed a very creative , expressive multifaceted…slightly odd..soul! #weirdo 🙂

One of my favourite sculptures is: ‘Freedom’ by the Sculptor: Zenos Frudakis. Location of sculpture: 16th and Vine Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.(See picture below). I haven’t yet had the opportunity of visiting the location to view this marvellous work. However, when I seen the picture and video (below) it resonated with me. I am sure it will with some of you too. It evoked mixed emotions of pain, struggle, courage, victory, joy and freedom. It’s message is very powerful.

I believe everyone at some point in their life finds themselves in a situation where they seek the desire to escape and break free. For many it could be a internal struggle for others a more adverse one. Both often tough to break free from. Early this year I communicated with the Sculptor on Twitter – expressing my gratitude for such a beautiful creation. I wanted him to know how much I appreciated it and it inspired me. 

Zenos’s statement about his vision of the sculpture:

“I wanted to create a sculpture almost anyone, regardless of their background, could look at and instantly recognise that it is about the idea of struggling to break free. This sculpture is about the struggle for achievement of freedom through the creative process.” – Zenos Frudakis

YOU CAN break free from your mold

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Dal Dhaliwal is a health and wellbeing expert, educator and special advisor on physical activity. She is also an active professional speaker and TV/ radio presenter. Dal helps entrepreneurs and professionals with their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She consults and presents for some of the UK's leading businesses and organisations within the wellness, sports and business arena.