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5 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

Using social media for business can be overwhelming especially if you are new to the social media world. There are a number of reasons why businesses and brands fail with their social media marketing. Some of the top mistakes include not providing value and always pitching and pushy sales.

Here Are The Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media 

1) Lack of Offering Value: 
I see new businesses and brands focusing solely on selling rather than serving their customers and audience. Flip this over: offer lots of value, over deliver and go that extra mile. Focus on building relationships with your customers and followers. Be more customer focused. Don’t forget about that ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor that grows an audience, builds trust and valuable lasting relationships.

2) Pitching and Sales:
Continuously selling can drive your audience and potential customers away. There is so much noise on most of the social media platforms today, do not add to it. The ‘buy my sh*t’ approach is a turn off! You also need to be careful you do not come across as spamming. Learn to sell without selling. There is a right and proven way of doing this. I will share in a future article and video.

3) Lack of Engagement:
Not spending any time or not making it a priority to engage with your audience or costumers is a common mistake. I understand we are all super busy or in the case of a high profile individual it is hard to reply back to everyone. However, I suggest have a system in place to deal with this. Outsource to a social media company or delegate to an assistant. It is good practice and manners to reply back. Imagine if you met a person in the real world and you ignored the question they asked. It’s not cool or professional to ignore others.

4) Not being focused:
Are you to zoned into what your competitors are doing? I have been guilty of this in the past too. I am not suggesting it is not important to know what your competitors are doing – it is actually important to know what is going on in your industry. However, if you are spending more time on checking them out on social media and not on your own business, then let me remind you my friend that you are wasting valuable time. You need to stop doing that today! 

5) No Consistency and No Patience:
This is very common, I see it all the time. You go for it, posting content on all social media platforms and it is all systems go there is just no stopping you! You’re like a social media powerhouse…. but then BANG you STOP! …tumbleweed moment….you’re gone!…vanished!…disappear!…for a few weeks or even a few months! I get it, your patience has ran out and you can’t be bothered because you are not seeing any results. Write this down ☛ “All the best things in life take time. Employ patience and love the process.”

BONUS TIP: Don’t Be Driven by Your Ego:  It’s a big mistake when you are driven by your ego and not committed to serving others. I recommend you leave your ego at the door my friend…we haven’t got time for that! Stop spending time bullsh*ting on all platforms and believing your own hype. Spend less valuable time on impressing your competitors. Start focusing and channeling your energy into taking action in growing your business and serving your customers and audience.

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